Managing Your Expectations After the Launch

March 28, 2013 – 4:36 pm | by Matt Ackerson

Most entrepreneurs are human and the products we build reflect that.

This often means that the products we offering the market aren’t fully baked or just don’t match the assumed needs of the market.

This is natural, but the trouble comes in when you have overly hyped expectations for your product’s intitial launch.

A public launch is a huge milestone for any startup. It’s a big event, you invite as much press coverage as you can get, you email all your friends, you email grandma (“Grandma, we’re launching!”), and you push the button.

What your expectations are for what will happen next almost never match reality. You expect: buttloads of users, signups, customers, rivers of money flowing into your bank account, whatever…

But that almost never happens. More than likely, you’re going to see a trickle of that kind of a response at best.

So if you’re going through this after launching your initial product, don’t be disheartened! It’s only the beginning, so pat yourself on the back for reaching this milestone, and get back to work.

Now is when the hustle begins, the “real work.” Now is when you’ve got to persist because after your launch party has died down and you’re yesterday’s news–realizing that can comes with a wave of discouragement.

As long as you’re aware of it, it’s easier to fight through. Emotions are often clues to some greater meaning, but in this case, they can confuse you so question them and ignore them.

If you’re not growing a little bit every week, examine why that is. It’s quite possible that people don’t understand your product, or maybe they have difficult in using it (i.e. getting value from it).

Accept all this as part of the process. Keep persisting and keep iterating. When you create something new, you’re most likely not going to get it 100% right on the first try.


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