The Top 3 Most Scalable Sales Methods for Startups

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

How are you going to sell your web-based product or service? It’s a question that all internet entrepreneurs must ask if they are serious about turning their idea into a growing, robust business.

My current start-up, Bluesky Local, which offers a web-based, automated small business marketing service for restaurants and stores, is in the midst of making this important decision.

There are numerous sales methods that could possibly be employed. However in making this decision, it is important to consider how scalable each option is. For the purposes of this blog post, there are two definitions of scalability: labor efficient scalability and cost efficient scalability. First the former, then the latter. Labor efficient scalability requires the least amount of additional physical labor capital for every additional sales lead generated.

Here is a listing of possible sales methods for generating leads among the local business owner community in order of how scalable they are based on labor efficiency (1 is the most scalable). (more…)

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